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2019 News

Released 21/12/2018

Pacific National Rail advises that there was a derailment over the weekend effecting SA  / WA movements. At this stage, Pacific National have advised there will be significant delays to any in transit vehicles and any further movements will be cancelled until it is rectified. They are unable to suggest when the line will be re-opened but we will post updates as they are received.


We now have bilingual staff with the ability to speak English and Chinese.


Electric cars are coming. You will see them already, and more and more charging points at service statations, car parks, shopping centres will appear. Houses will have built in chargers in their garages and outside charging points for convenience. We will see charging points with metresthat will be able to calculate poweer usage allowing us to charge anywhere and pay that person for their power. Mobile stations will pop up everywhere with the ability to charge multile cars at the same time at events and functions.

Our whole way of thinking will have to change and also will the big electric Companies. Prices in Australia are already high for cunsuming elctricity and the need for solar and crating your own source of power will increase. We may save on fuel and servicing but the cost of charging these new cars will be high if we do not react now. 

Lets hope we can all afford to make the switch to a healthier greener planet.

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