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Latest Posts » August 2018 » Goods in vehicles - what you need to know

Goods in vehicles - what you need to know

How much can I put in the car? When you see a quote from Auto-Logistics with goods in the vehicle, it usually allows up to 80kg of goods.  But on many occasions we can take more, however we would need to manually quote you. Why you ask?  That's because each vehicle has legal load restrictions.  This means we need to ensure that we load the truck and it doesn't go over weight otherwise there are significant legal penalties involved and it poses a safety risk for both the driver and the public.

How should you pack your car? This is a really important part of the process.  Items should be boxes or wrapped where possible and well secured so that they don't fly around during transport.  In some instances, your vehicle is on a truck moving thousands of kilometers with lots of bumps along the way.  Last thing you want is damage to the goods, broken windows or a damaged interior.

Where can you place your goods? Boxes and items can be placed on the back seats, on the floor behind the passenger seat and in the boot of the vehicle.  They can't be any higher than the base of the window and nothing on the floor behind the driver's seat.  This is so that our drivers can move the seat back and forward to safely drive your vehicle on and off the truck.  We need to be able to see out of all the windows when doing so.

What can you pack in the vehicle?  You can pack pretty much anything but nothing illegal and no explosives or gas cylinders.  Common sense should apply. While we don't go through your car, you shouldn't place any valuables in the vehicle.  You just never know what can happen.

Are your items insured?  Unfortunately no. We don't do an inventory of the items and don't know the condition of the items in order to provide insurance.  The items are an added extra service and usually a suitable option for clothes, pots and pans etc.

Posted: 26/08/2018 5:05:19 PM
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