***SERVICES TO WA - We have limited spots available to Perth and broader WA.***

Brisbane to Perth - Est pickup 4-6 December and est arrival 4-9 January FROM $1290

Sydney to Perth - Est pickup 13-15 December and est arrival 4-9 January FROM $1560

Melbourne to Perth - Est pickup 7-12 December and est arrival 4-9 January FROM $1285

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From Perth

Unless you like a nice long drive and you have weeks to kill, let us transport your car for you. No road kilometres and no stress to you or your vehicle. Drop your car off and enjoy the flight home while we take car of moving your car. We can arrange transport from anywhere in WA to anywhere in QLD. Take advantage of the back load rates and transport your vehicle from Perth at a cost effective price. Get an instant quote online now at www.auto-logistics.com.au

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