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Services ยป Goods in Vehicles

Goods in Vehicles

Unless stated on you quote or booking confirmation, all vehicles must travel empty. This means there is to be nothing at all inside the car or the boot / luggage area. The only things that we accept are things that came with the car from the manufacturer IE: Spare wheel, jack, log books.

We do not allow things like GPS units, dash cams, tools, parts, personal possessions, phone chargers, leads, removable accessories, etc.. It really does mean EMPTY.

If you have a quote / booking to move a vehicle with goods inside, there are some strict basic rules to follow. Remember we are a vehicle transporter first and foremost, this is not a way to relocate your house. If you do not follow the rules your car will not be transported, and you will be asked to collect the car. If you are buying a car from a 3rd party, and you are making the booking, its your responsibility to instruct them on the rules.

We do not allow any loose goods in cars at all. All items need to be boxed, in suitcases or suitable containers. These can be placed in an enclosed boot area or a back section of a wagon / SUV, but must be under the base of the window. The driver must have all round visability.

We have a maximum weight limit of 80 kilo in total per vehicle. If you need extra weight then this needs to be declared prior to booking and priced accordingly. If you exceed the weight limit booked, you will be asked to remove the excess goods from the car.

We offer no form of insurance or warranty for any goods left in vehicles and all goods travel at your own risk.

We do not allow any dangerous goods, flammables, plants, seeds or foods to be transported in vehicles.

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