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Vehicle category tips

It can be confusing some times as to what category your vehicle fits into. As a good guide its the shape of your vehicle that distinguished it. The transmission, 4WD or 2WD is immaterial. Basically if your car is an SUV shape then its in that category. All new small compact SUV's fall into the SUV range even though they are small. Hilux, Rodeo's, D-Max, Ford Ranger utes, for example are all classed as SUV's. Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore utes are just classed as sedans.

If you are unsure please check before booking.


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Our quotes may take a few minutes of your time, but we ask you the questions first, unlike others who will give you a starting price. Our prices are based on the information you give us on the quote form.

1. If an area is not on our drop down list, select "Country Rural" for that State, and write the name of the Town or Suburb.

2. Depot to depot services are always cheaper & quicker than door to door services.

3. Empty vehicles are much cheaper to move than vehicles containing possessions.

4. If we require dimensions or ground clearance, do not guess, as the quote will not be accurate.

5. Non drivable vehicles can be up to double the price to move. If its just a simple flat battery, replace it first and save money.

Once you have built your online price, proceed to book & pay online.


Hi Auto-Logistics Team!  I just wanted to write and say a BIG thank you for moving my Mini Cooper from Melbourne to Port Douglas last week!  She's come in the perfect condition that I left her I can put the top down and enjoy this weather while my friends in Melbourne continue to freeze!  Thanks, Rena. 

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