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Latest Posts » August 2018 » Runnings vs non running vehicles - why does it make a difference?

Runnings vs non running vehicles - why does it make a difference?

The way vehicles are transported, is generally on the back of a car transporter.  Most people have seen those trucks on the road that can move a number of cars.  That's generally how most cars are moved across Australia.  As such being able to drive your car on or off the truck makes a big difference. 

For non-running vehicles they can't be moved on these trucks and need to be put on a flat bed truck and are generally winched on and off.  This means that the truck is smaller and can't fit as many cars, which means that the costs are increased.

The car transport industry classifies a running vehicle, as something that starts on the first go and stays on when driving.  If our drivers need to jumpstart batteries or a vehicle pops out of gear it is considered a non runner.  

Unfortunately there's no easy fox or cost-saving measure for non running vehicles.  If your car has a flat battery we'd suggest getting the battery replaced and moving it as a running vehicle.  It's a cheaper option in most instances.

It's very important that you know whether your vehicle is a running or non-running vehicle. If you're unsure, we suggest you call our team and they will ask you the right questions to ascertain what it is.  It's far better to check and ensure as it could be very constly in the long run to declare your vehicle is running when it in fact is not.

Posted: 28/08/2018 7:23:47 AM